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Executive Limousine and Chauffeur service at the

World Economic Forum (Davos) / WEF 2021 in Lucerne-Bürgenstock, Switzerland 18.-21. Mai 2021

We at FISCHER EXECUTIVE LIMOUSINES have experience with the special conditions at the World Economic Forum in Bürgenstock. Benefit from this experience for a successful and profitable stay.


VIP - transport & concierge services since 2013 /

over 7 years of experience training chauffeurs specifically for The World Economic Forum / WEF event!

✓ All executive vehicles are accredited

All of our Executive and VIP vehicles meet all official requirements

✓ Airport transfer from EuroAirport Basel, GAT, Zurich & Geneva International Airport, St. Gallen-Altenrhein, Friedrichshafen, Bern-Belp, Lugano-Agno, Stuttgart or any other Airport in Europe.

✓ Comprehensive limousine service for long-term guest service on-site (24 hour presence)

Transfers to all the major cities: St. Moritz, Lugano, Milano, Venice, Geneva, Zurich, Basel, Luxemburg and many more

✓ Experienced chauffeurs, service 24/7

✓ Driver service for delegations with First-Class-Limousines, VIP-VANs, VIP-Minibusses

✓ Executive Mercedes-Benz S-Class, V-Class for up to six guests. Comfortable and luxurious.

✓ Hereunder our clients have the choice between a sedan, SUV and Minivan in categories EXECUTIVE, PREMIUM, BUSINESS.

✓ Executive vehicles with 4-WD

✓ Permanent traffic monitoring

✓ Personal protection service

✓ High quality services

✓ Booking the accommodation / Hotel / Luxury chalet

✓ Restaurant bookings

✓ We organize all necessary for your delegation


Embassy and Consulates Service - We specialize in the safest and most convenient transportation. We offer embassies and foreign VIP visitors an optimal limousine service. We meet and greet our valued customers and guarantee them an exclusive trip to their desired destination as well as to the international airports punctually and carefree.

One significant element for your trouble-free stay is our experienced driver, who will be carefully selected strictly considering the client’s requirements.

The fundamental selection criteria include beside a perfect etiquette in particular – personal and professional skills like – integrity, multilingualism, event-specific knowledge.

...for your WEF-delegation, when it comes to solve organizational challenges quickly and effectively - we can proudly provide you our long-term experience gained since 2008 in Davos.

Exclusivity and individuality, comfortable and representative, 100% discretion!


18.-21. Mai 2021
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